The Chevy Volt Is Still Shovel Ready: Jobs Money Quote

I stumbled across a “Chevy Volt Sucks” quote so rich in irony that I had to post it.

“I can tell you… as far as job creation, the guy who ordered that Volt for my store is no longer in that job. So it actually worked against him.”

Who said this?  Another blog writing loser like me?  Nope, it was Pennsylvania Representative Mike Kelly.  Kelly happens to own and operate a Chevrolet dealership.

Will ya’ look at that!  I don’t know anything about him or his politics.  All I know is that he has a business and makes a payroll.  And he fired an employee who screwed up.  This leads him to make decisions which are different from the herd of community organizers in D.C.

HT to The Truth About Cars.

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