Word For The Day: Green Jobs

Here’s the deal.  There are jobs and there is bullshit.  Adding an adjective in front is irrelevant.  If recycling tofu to make hybrid cars could derive a positive rate of return on investment then there would be people employed at tofu recycling / hybrid car plants.  They wouldn’t be green jobs they’d just be jobs.

Rhymes with Cars and Girls has a good definition…and many more.

green jobs (n.): A category of employment properly viewed as belonging to the realm of mythology or fantasy, like the chimera, leprechaun, or centaur; jobs not tangibly observable in the real world but existing in the dreams of ‘progressives’. This recovery will be fueled by green jobs.

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6 Responses to Word For The Day: Green Jobs

  1. julie says:

    best definition of ‘green jobs’ that i’ve ever seen … if you don’t mind i’ld be a stealin it …

  2. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    It goes well with the definition of “Alternative Energy” ; “Any system of generating electrical power that is in no danger of actually being adopted on a practical level.”

  3. Jon says:

    Just stumbled upon your ramblings through google…Your attitude towards the progression of civilization is nothing short than that of a textbook misanthrope. I will just say, if you don’t have anything positive or somewhat intelligent contribute, quit complaining and please stay out of the way. The computer you are using to sling your crap at those attempting to make the world a better, more sustainable place for everyone, was once branded as “fantasy” too, fyi. All new technologies/systems will always be inefficient and take on an initial loss at first until they are modified and the science is completely known.

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