NASA Pisses Me Off

NASA pisses me off!  America was once awash in excitement about space exploration.  We were the balls out badass studs that put a man on the moon!  We did something that no human since the beginning of time had accomplished.  (And no other nation has managed to follow us yet!)  NASA was the heroic group that did it.

Humanity was on the cusp of another era of exploration not seen since The Age of Discovery.  What a glorious time to be alive!

And then…  we lost it.  Lost something.  Lost the spine.  Lost the class.  Lost the audacity.

Nobody has gone to the moon since December 7th 1972.  And I don’t want any bitching about the difficulty of the challenge.  We’ve got huge advantages over the 1970’s.  How primitive things were back then!  It was the Nixon administration.  A time before color TV, microwaves, and rap music.

A 1972 AMC Gremlin. The stone aged humans that rode in this shitbox went to the moon! (Possibly to escape their shitty cars.) (Photo is linked.)

Just look at the shitty 1972 era car!  If you were lucky it would have FM stereo and electric windows.  Whoopty fucking do.  If people driving the Gremlin could go to the moon, people with bluetooth enabled SUVs should be flying to the stars in luxury cruisers staffed by sexbots.

But no.  We’re sitting around watching Detroit crumble and retiring the Space shuttle.

NASA is the gutless bureaucracy that has resided over four decades of decay.

In 1972 it looked likely that space flight would become common (or at least as common as visiting Antarctica or Mt. Everest).  But no!  Thirty nine years after Americans were sipping Tang on the lunar terrain we’ve more or less given up on manned travel.  We’re paleolithic yahoos standing at the seashore remembering the amazing visit of Captain Cook a human lifetime ago.

NASA did that.  Fuck them!

For once, other people agree with me.  NASA dropped the ball and it’s bumming us out!  Check out these links:

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3 Responses to NASA Pisses Me Off

  1. bluesun says:

    They took the money for my moon base and built a freekin space bus. Great. And then we invaded Afghanistan and now we spend more than NASA’s yearly budget on air conditioning tents. THEY BUILT MY MOON BASE ON THE WRONG PLANET.

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