A Post In Which I Give The Other Side A Free Swing

Weer’d World linked to an amusing video at Straw Man, Counter Point.

Its a satiric jab at limited government types (myself included!) implying that if you loathe the heavy hand of government you should vacation in Somalia.  Somalia, lacking a functioning government (or anything else) should be a libertarian’s paradise; or so the video suggests.  It’s a progressive jab at everything I hold dear and yet I laughed my ass off. Which leads me to this Curmudgeonly Gem of Insight:

A free man in a free country can always laugh at himself.

Weer’d Beard hammers home that Somalia is not libertarian but rather feudal.  I disagree; Somalia is not feudal…it is Mad Max.  If the shit ever hits the fan and soccer moms in Baltimore are reduced to knife fighting for turnips, Somalia will be saying “welcome to the neighborhood”.

Weer’d suggests that libertarians vacation in New Hampshire (“Live free or die!”) and socialists vacation in North Korea (“Starve and die!”).  Well put.

But I still like the video.  Why not?  We all know that bitching about Obamacare does not set us on a path to Somalia.  (If you think otherwise, stop reading the New Yorker and go outside to breathe some fresh air.)

I’ve linked to the video because… well… it’s funny.  Without humor we’re all just mall cops jacked up into TSA crotch grabbing mode.  Never let go of your sense of humor.  Freedom requires satire.  Its the pressure release that tilts the playing field against raging assholes who, if they have anything in common is a deadly serious attitude and the haunted look of permanent constipation.

So my blog, which is worth precisely what you paid for it, is adding a communist socialist progressive jab at notions I hold dear.  I can take a hit!  I’m adding it to other treasured videos such as slaying zombie grandma on Christmas, codgers detonating alligators, and the miraculous automatic flintlock.

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2 Responses to A Post In Which I Give The Other Side A Free Swing

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    Heh Awesome post, and I’m glad you enjoyed!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Dr. Mingo says:

    Having been to Somalia (twice) I can say that it completely sucks (sorry, that comparison wrongly maligns vacuums). The gulf of misunderstanding that the makers have of libertarians spans from California to Somalia. Although I think the video shows a vacation spot made by socialists for socialists. Here’s why.

    Somalia, like other African countries is the fucked up remnant of European colonialism. Some bureaucratic jack-off far away imposing their government on the people of that region. Sound familiar? By the way these countries are now socialist. Thanks socialism!

    After WWII, the Italian fascists were gone and the British remained, the the Brits attempted to introduce democracy, European socialist style. The Somalis however, favored there own style of socialism and aligned themselves more with the Soviet Union and the Chi-coms. Again, Thanks socialism!!

    I wont be burdensome with details, but after a few coups, Marxist regimes, and meddling from the Soviets, the government fragmented and the country broke into civil war and many people were killed and starved to death. THANKS SOCIALISM!!

    Not sure why the U.S. ever went in there in the first place. Oh yeah, UN Security Council Resolution 794. Aren’t Libertarians big on the UN? No?? Oh my bad. Its Fucking Socialists! So the result is I got two fun filled trips to Somali. Many Thanks Socialism!.

    Although it wasn’t all bad. I gained a far deeper appreciation of America and our founding principles. I just don’t know why socialists want socialism when the end result may just be the great fuckup that is Somalia. Somalia is a great example of when socialism goes wrong, Big Time!! California is on the way. Just a little more government and a little more debt.

    P.S. If Somalia were run by libertarians, it would look like Club Med.

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