Search Term Roundup II

Here is a smattering of search terms that led poor helpless victims readers to my site.

i will smite you: No.  I will smite you.  Don’t bet against a Curmudgeon in a fight!

freedom to say no to a job:  Americans are always free to say no to a job.  What you’re looking for is the self sufficiency to do so without winding up living in a cardboard box (or Detroit).  Get off the couch Bubba and start laying the groundwork.  It isn’t easy but freedom isn’t for wimps.

states with worst debt / fiscally worst states:  A simple question which doesn’t lend itself to a simple answer. The scope of a state’s debt can be defined in various ways.  Any such list will have New York and California in a pitched death match to see who wins the title of maximum deadbeat and the rest of the usual suspects will be in a tight race behind them.  You already knew that didn’t you?

evil plan cat:  If you have a cat, it is hatching an evil plan right now.  The only reason you’re not dead is that cats are too lazy and easily distracted to follow their plans.

motocycle liquid propane: If I ever invent a bitchin’ mixed drink I’m going to call it “motorcycle liquid propane” and it will be guaranteed to cause brain damage.  (Note: I’ve never seen a motorcycle running on LP and diesel ones are tragically rare.)

baron wasteleand:  Baron Wasteleand’s official title is “Evil Overlord of the Wasteleand Province of East Gunderschmitt Prefect” which is near either Cornwall or the Sandwich Islands.  Barren wastelands, on the other hand, are my favorite places to camp.

“a man should be able to” “butcher a hog”: Yes, he should.

what has been invented in 2011: In America?  Mostly excuses for debt.  It hasn’t been a good year.  Next year doesn’t look good either.

orwell telescreen real: No they aren’t.  Turn off FOX and quit reading paranoid blogs like mine.  Chill out my friend.

where is obama getting his political advice from?:  His ass.  There is no genius pulling the strings.  He’s just making shit up.  (Which is not unique among presidents.)

About Adaptive Curmudgeon

I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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