Failure Of The ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Concept: Part II

When lighting hosed my phone I discovered that in just six months Sonofabitches engineered two models to be mutually compatible.  They cleverly made it so a dead base “kills” two fully functional handsets.

Two questions: why and what to do about it?  First; “why?”  There’s no getting around why.  This cannot be incompetence…it is malice.

There is no explanation whatsoever except this; Sonofabitches are fucking with me.  Those evil, malignant, scum sucking, Sonofabitches went out of their way to deliberately make old stuff hard to “repair” and new replacements incompatible.  “Expandable to add new handsets” is just Sonofabitch bullshit marketing spin.  I know this is because the stores don’t carry a handset without a base, I can’t use my old handsets with the new base, and I feel the cold soulless depravity of market driven inhumanity whenever I think about them.

Google famously claims the code of conduct “Don’t be evil”.  Whether or not Google lives up to its goals it’s notable that “evil” is the default position of too many corporations.  There’s no point to it.  Capitalism may be competitive but if a company needs to be “evil” to make a profit then it’s a poorly managed entity that will eventually get their ass whipped severely by superior companies.  What the Sonofabitches just did is wrong, stupid, malicious, and …evil.  Sonofabitch managers deserve to be quartered, dipped in a pit full of leeches, and thrown in a cage full of hyenas…simultaneously

There is no need to be evil.  Honest businesses make money honestly.  I’d was happy to buy another product from them when “my” lighting hosed their device.  I’d have spent real cash and been happy about it.  But no…they got greedy. It wasn’t enough to make money from honest good service…they needed to engineer incompatibilities into the system.  For what?  For one sale?  They’d already made the sale.

It’s time to repeat a very important Curmudgeonly Gem Of Insight:

It is never an American’s duty to pay money to people who piss them off.

So I’ve been fucked by Sonofabitches.  What to do about it?  Actually not much.  The amount involved is small and I’m too busy to waste my life on stupid crusades.  Instead I’m going to wisely cut my losses and go for a clean soul.  I’ll leave karma to deal with Sonofabitches which is quite adequate because karma tends to win in the end.

Tonight I’ll take the new phone, all the packaging, and the receipt back to the store and return it.  I’ll buy virtually anything made by any  competitor.  This may seem strange; the new phone works OK even if it’s not backwards compatible.  Why return it?  Because those Sonofabitches acted like greedy little jackoffs.  I refuse to deal with them.  I refuse to send them my money.  I sincerely hope that their company goes broke and even if it doesn’t I don’t care.

I’ll know that I personally did not contribute to their success and that’s a good start.  One part of freedom is keeping leeches off.

I’ve also added them to my list of evil companies.  Time to repeat another Curmudgeonly Gem Of Insight:

A company that fucks with me is banned from my life for eternity.”

I don’t suppose it will have any impact on their corporate conglomerate profits (or in the current economy; subsidy harvests).  But I’ll know that evil Sonofabitches didn’t get my hard earned cash and that’s priceless.

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