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The Libertarian’s Freedom Flush

This post is about civilization, shit, and freedom. Things that make life worth living. In 800 BC the Holy Roman Empire had indoor plumbing. This was the greatest discovery of all time. Civilization is when you can take a crap … Continue reading

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Freedom Means Leaving The Other Guy Alone

As you may have guessed, I love freedom.  For the most part everyone thinks they love freedom too.  But wait…most people who say they like freedom don’t mean it. Freedom means not only doing your own thing but being cool … Continue reading

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The Spending Cut Tautology

The Gormogons has a fun response to an NYT article. NYT (a.k.a. the New York Times) was foolish enough to float the following opinion: “It has been obvious all along that cutting government services alone is not a solution to … Continue reading

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It’s Just A Phone

It’s no secret that I dislike “smart phones”.  (I also hate cell phones that spy on me, landline phone designs that screw me, and companies that merit a special place in hell.)  Honestly, what is it about telephones that brings … Continue reading

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Dump Reflections Part III: The Cream Of The Crop

The citizens you meet at dumps are the cream of the crop! Want to know why America rocks? Go to a dump! It was a flurry of activity. A couple dozen vehicles (which is a crowd in these parts) were … Continue reading

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Dump Reflections Part II: Ralph…Future Obamacare Administrator

My “dump”, like all government services, is managed specifically to be a pain in the ass. The dump is locked when it’s closed (because people will steal the garbage?). It’s open on a schedule that only a committee could devise. … Continue reading

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Dump Reflections Part I: Garbage Is Not Solid Waste

When I was a kid I thought the dump was the coolest place on earth. I was right. A “dump” is the glorious place where you dispose of both boring household garbage and cool stuff like broken lamps and trashed … Continue reading

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Hang Up And Drive

In a world of herd animals, drivers are rare.  Mostly you meet clueless, condition white, yoyos who can scarcely keep their lumbering minivans between the lines.  Sometimes, particularly after seeing comically bad driving, I start wondering if I’ll be the … Continue reading

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Search Term Roundup II

Here is a smattering of search terms that led poor helpless victims readers to my site. i will smite you: No.  I will smite you.  Don’t bet against a Curmudgeon in a fight! freedom to say no to a job:  … Continue reading

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Causation and Correlation

Read this: “…we found that both kinds of debt had positive effects for young people.  It didn’t matter the type of debt, it increased their self-esteem and sense of mastery.” Basically a study found that young people who have lots … Continue reading

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