Because Leaving People Alone Exceeds The Scope Of Their Thinking

Incandescent lightbulbs are a canary in the coal mine.  I’d given them up for dead.

But from Small Dead Animals comes this:

“The Conservative government wants to postpone pulling the plug on incandescent light bulbs, saying it needs more time to allow for technological innovations and to deal with concerns about compact fluorescent lamps.”

I decided to do a Curmudgeonly re-write of the headline:

“The electorate might hand them their ass on a platter but nanny state busybodies can’t change their minds.  Therefore a fig leaf delay was invented to bide their time until things blow over.  In a couple of years they’ll automatically try again to push their bullshit plan.”

Then I did a “imagine a perfect world” re-write:

“Following an epic global electoral beatdown, nanny state busybodies found themselves out of work.  You can continue to buy any damn lightbulb you want because the government simply doesn’t give a shit about your lighting preference.”

Sigh…a government that doesn’t hassle people about petty things like lightbulbs…such a beautiful dream.


Note: When the link refers to “conservative” government they’re referring to Canadian parties.  I’m pretty sure parliamentary government, like the metric system and hockey, isn’t inherently understood by Americans.

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1 Response to Because Leaving People Alone Exceeds The Scope Of Their Thinking

  1. kx59 says:

    the ten words in the post title might be the most efficient explanation of liberals I’ve ever come across. I just keep rolling it over in my mind.

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