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I grew up in a small town. In my youth everyone bought bland unremarkable canned goods at the local uninspiring grocery store. Mashed potatoes were about as spicy as food got. Folks who’ve lived a lifetime browsing limitless year round … Continue reading

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When A Big Deal Is Diddly Squat

Maggies Farm is always amusing and informative.  That’s where I found this: It has been said before; “when something can’t go on forever…it won’t”.  This can’t go on forever.  Baby Boomers are retiring and American government spending has been unhinged … Continue reading

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An Article Which Brings To Mind A Dead Horse

A blog called Taxing Tennessee pointed me to this map from the Tax Foundation.  Among other things, it shows the 10 worst and ten best states (in terms of state government’s debt).  It is a per-capita debt, meaning that it … Continue reading

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Assembly Of True Facts

The carpenter we hired just hitched his truck to the 25 foot trailer he’d left in our driveway for several weeks…and left with most of our money. There is a toilet in my backyard. I am alone in the house…and … Continue reading

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Phenology Update

phe·nol·o·gy noun /fiˈnäləjē/ 1.The study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, esp. in relation to climate and plant and animal life Winter doesn’t last forever.  But when is it gone?  I ignore the Global Warming Koolaide drinkers and take my cues … Continue reading

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I Pine For A “New” Osborne

Mostly Cajun had a post about the 30th anniversary of the Osborne. The Osborne was a clunky dog made with technology that just wasn’t ready. Sadly, it’s unique design has was relegated to the scrapheap of rejected ideas. I never … Continue reading

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Blogroll Update

Random Acts Of Patriotism linked to my article about the Japanese Reactor and explained it all as a function of monkey poo.  Actually it was his second poo posting in his poo series which pretty much covers the situation.  Very … Continue reading

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Nutella And Tile

We’re remodeling.  I’ve been laying Gray VersaBond under Hardibacker.  In layman’s English that means I’m gooping some crap on the plywood subfloor that glues the cement floor underlayment down…so eventually I can add more goop and put on tile and … Continue reading

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