Nutella And Tile

We’re remodeling.  I’ve been laying Gray VersaBond under Hardibacker.  In layman’s English that means I’m gooping some crap on the plywood subfloor that glues the cement floor underlayment down…so eventually I can add more goop and put on tile and then grout tomorrow.  Screws are involved too.  I’m not sure why but it’s fun slamming those little bastards in.  As for the cement, not so much fun.

Maybe that’s not clearly communicating what’s going on?  How about this: I’m experiencing massive monetary blood loss while putting layer after layer of obscure voodoo materials on what I hope will someday be a bathroom floor.

If you ever want to remodel a bathroom, do yourself a favor and build an outhouse.  It’s less complex and nobody has ever gone broke crapping in a hole!

For reasons which nobody seems to be able to explain, VersaBond (mortar?) is made in any of several colors.  I arbitrarily bought gray.  It turns out to be a pleasant chocolate color.  None of which is relevant on a subfloor.

After glopping this crap all over the place I’ve decided it has the precise appearance and texture as Nutella.  I’m totally dying for some toast and a jar of the stuff.

Could this be a tasty building material. I decide.

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