Go Mongolia!

From Stephen Bodio’s Querencia via On A Wing And A Whim comes this:

That is correct!  A fur clad falconer on a horse is all that and a bag of chips!  Stephen Bodio is into falconry and On A Wing And A Whim is into airplanes.  So much for my tractors and homestead chickens.  There is no keeping up with the Joneses in that crowd.

I also posted because it looks (to my uninformed eyes) like authentic Mongolian garb and I’ve always been interested in going there.  Ideally for the purpose of riding across the Gobi on a motorcycle. Why? Because I like motorcycles more than horses and I’d rather die than go to Euro-Disney.  I can’t imagine anything more fun than wandering the harshest of environments.  (Some say this is why my wife supervises me carefully when planning family vacations.)

I’m not the only one.  Apparently Mongolia/Motorcycle foolishness has struck more than one person.

This is EXACTLY how I'd like to travel!

Note: The motorcycle image is from The Timeless Ride. Hubert, the guy from that site has been everywhere and done it with a Ural Motorcycle. Anyone who appreciates going to the middle of nowhere with a sidecar should click for endless inspiration.

For the gearheads among us; Urals are a vehicular Rorschach test.  A person will either conclude they’re useless Russian crap or the greatest thing ever.  I once test drove a used Ural but couldn’t afford it.  Giving the keys back nearly killed me.  Now you know my opinion of Urals.

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1 Response to Go Mongolia!

  1. Every time I pass a Ural – or it passes me – I feel a pang of wistfulness. Not quite envy, but certainly a deep desire to trade places. Even though I don’t know how to ride a bike. The day I was out with a friend, and we saw a Ural with a sidecar, we looked at each other with instant understanding. “I’ll drive!” He said.

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