It Could Be Worse

From Dead Man Dance and A Trainwreck In Maxwell is an excellent video.  It shows literally every nuclear weapon detonated on earth.  In time scale too; very clever.  It’s oddly poetic.  (Of course it’s SFW too!)  I didn’t know how large that number was and you probably didn’t either.

After you watch it you’ll calm down about Japan.  I’m not saying tsunami damaged reactors are good news but I’m pretty sure it’s not the end of humanity either.  Also the worst case scenario is nothing like the impact of an actual weapon explosion and the world has endured far more of them than I thought.  I also suspect that Japan, having been on the receiving end of two bombs, is as well prepared as anyone for a big earthquake followed by a tsunami on their reactor.  Imagine that, Japan has had actual explosions and they still use nuclear, Americans went apeshit over three mile island and decades later burn coal while telling themselves stories about windmills.  We could learn something.

Being that I don’t watch much TV, I’ve been wondering why the media is so wound up.  A quote from Trainwreck In Maxwell says it better than I can:

“As far as the panic stricken reporting going on, remember that these people are pushing an anti-nuke agenda. Elevated radiation doesn’t automatically mean dangerous. I can turn off my A/C and the temperature inside my house becomes ‘elevated’ from the arbitrary temperature I decided to put it at. These ‘journalists’ are the same people who couldn’t tell you off the top of their heads what temperature water boils at.”

Good luck Japan.  We’re rooting for you.

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