A Brilliant Observation

What metal is to rock, bluegrass is to country.

How had such a simple observation heretofore eluded me?  It explains why I love bluegrass but avoid country.  Whenever I tune to a country radio station I’m soon turned off by a big steaming heap of mass marketed, focus grouped, tepid drivel.  I’d also like to question the rule, apparently carved into stone, that mimicking Hank Williams’ unusual yodeling drawl is statutorily required?  Imitation is flattery but it’s been half a century; give it a rest!

A belated hat tip to SayUncle who has a link to a superlative bluegrass cover of Walk Like An Egyptian (it’s the second video and it’s impressive).  It proves that you can be creative and musically adept yet still look like a bunch of dorks on stage.

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