Curmudgeon Compound: Upgrade In Progress

I’m completely remodeling our bathroom.  Actually I’m only doing the easy stuff.  A real carpenter is doing the work that requires actual skill.  I’m a darned good go-fer though!

The house is a vortex of chaos.  Carpenters and plumbers are everywhere, there is drywall stacked on the kitchen table, pipe cement is stacked on my cookies, and my pocket is full of nails.  My head is spinning, my dog is whining, and my cats keep trying to stick their head in the chopsaw.  Visions of debt are drilling into my soul…or maybe that’s just the sound of a reciprocal saw chewing through the siding.  (By now it’s hard to tell.)

I don’t have a picture so I substituted the photo below…which is precisely how I imagine my house looks.

This is EXACTLY how your house looks during a remodel. (Especially if you're bad at parking cars.)

Last year I paid for a complete and massive septic system.  This year it’s a completely new bathroom.  I’m seriously rethinking the wisdom of indoor plumbing.


P.S.  My carpenter is doing a darned good job.  Even if I’m freaking out about the expense it’s heartening to see a craftsman at work.

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I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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