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Blogroll Updates

I’ve been remiss in updating my blogroll.  Why?  Because I’m good at exercising my Curmudgeonly right to go “off grid” at random intervals for no reason.  But I decided to get with the program because most of the folks that … Continue reading

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Political Advice: Avoid Self Flagellation

When you see a sign that says “wet paint” you have an urge to touch it. Don’t try to disagree; you know I’m telling the truth. When I was a kid the gravitational pull of a wet paint sign was … Continue reading

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Dueling Platitudes Meet Depression Era Wisdom

The repair was perfect.  I’d just patched a gaping hole in drywall and sanded it to perfection.  Good for me!  I began painting the bare spot and then the rest of the walls in the room. Painting gives you time … Continue reading

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It’s Been Three Months Since The Election…

The election was November 2nd and the swearing in was January 10th.  Elections have repercussions.  This one was a good solid ass kicking of incumbents so the onus was on the “new guys” to immediately start governing wisely.  From the … Continue reading

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Paging Al Gore…

Yesterday it happened.  I knew it was coming.  That didn’t make it any easier. Bitter cold wind suddenly flared up; flattening everything that could bend and bending a few things that couldn’t flatten.  The temperature dropped 40 degrees and the … Continue reading

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Old Cars Rock!

As a counterpoint to my “shafted” articles about Toyota I’ve decided to add a shining example of good old fashioned moxie.  (Am I allowed to use the word moxie?  Does it still have meaning?  Hell yes I can…because it’s my … Continue reading

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Toyota: Followup To A Shafting

Reality is mundane.  Fantasy is fun.  That’s why thundering herds of lemmings lost their shit when a few Toyotas crashed a few years back.  The reality (people drove their cars into stuff) lacked political profit and imagination.  The new owner … Continue reading

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A Hopeless Post

Today is Valentines day.  I’m doomed.  This post is doomed. Why?  Not because of the flowers and Hallmark fluffery.  Frankly I like flowers.  I don’t mind buying them.  (Get your head out of the gutter, I’m neither gay nor trying … Continue reading

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Living A Horror Movie Scene

You can count on horror movies to follow the established pattern.  The most clichéd is the “gotchya scene”.  After a tremendous CGI enhanced fight the good guy seemingly has defeated a bad guy/werewolf/vampire/alien/politician.  Half the cast is dead, broken glass … Continue reading

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Avoidance Of Denial

Denial is for pussies.  When things go to shit, man up and face it.  You’ll thank yourself in the end.  Pretending otherwise is for morons and politicians.  Which brings me to this article; U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even … Continue reading

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