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Two Party System Explained

From Irons In The Fire: “It’s simple,” explained the Senate staff veteran. “We have two parties in America—the stupid party and the evil party. Since I’m a Republican, I’m in the stupid party, and we stupidly battle against the evil … Continue reading

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Everyone knows that Apple is an evil entity jointly operated by Satan and Dick Cheney.  They employ iNinjas and Huey Lewis to destroy all that is good and holy.  Never turn your back on an iDevice!  You’ve been warned… However … Continue reading

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The Snow Shovel Chronicles: Part III

This all started with ignoring snow and ridiculing bureaucrats. Pondering Code Enforcement Officers with handcuffs and authority to arrest lit a fuse. Getting hassled about shoveling snow is not about snow. It’s about getting hassled. Americans shouldn’t accept shit. We … Continue reading

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The Snow Shovel Chronicles: Part II

Recently I wrote The Snow Shovel Chronicles Part I. Go read it. You didn’t read it did you? Sigh: I’ve got to do everything don’t I? OK fine, I’ll paraphrase: “It’s snowing like a son of a bitch. I could … Continue reading

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The Snow Shovel Chronicles: Part I

Despite the raging blizzard outside, Castle Curmudgeon is not snowed in. It’s almost snowed in. Almost snowed in is when you could get out even as Mother Nature is hell bent on burying you. This means you’ve got equipment (a … Continue reading

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Are We Not Men?

A few weeks ago I read The 75 Things Men Should Be Able To Do.  (Warning!  All men who read it may will suffer brain damage from the dissonance between truth and horse shit. Any woman who knows men will … Continue reading

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