Cold Season

I have a cold. It feels like a hybrid of the Bubonic Plague and Ebola. It came quickly. Saturday afternoon I was on a ladder installing a ceiling (and making good progress I might add). By dinner I was a train wreck. I’m using the cure perfected by the ages; sitting directly in front of a huge fire slowly cooking myself. Plus lots of sleep and liquids. My dog is worried about me but I’ll pull through.

Time to vent about germs (and/or viruses). Fuck them all! A healthy organism can do things; create, build, grow, etc… Pile on a cold (or whatever the hell I’ve got) and suddenly you’ve got a useless loser sitting on the couch doing nothing productive. Germs are useless. A hindrance. They’re friction and inefficiency which turn hard working people into bums. The sheer arrogance of something microscopic bringing low a full grown human is appalling. The bastards!

I won’t stand for it.  A useless entity that hinders the process of a useful entity is a disservice to humanity and a blight on the planet.  Things which hinder our health and wellbeing with their pestilent interference should be exposed to the light and destroyed.  They should be hounded from our homes, our bodies, and our lives so that we can get back to work.

We should never tolerate things which harm an otherwise healthy host merely for their self perpetuation.

About Adaptive Curmudgeon

I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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