The Boss Wants You Out Of Town: Pack Your Bags

Suppose you’re a political figure who came darned close to winning the party nomination for presidential candidate in 2008.

You cannot defeat me! Never never never....

Suppose the guy who narrowly won wanted to keep you on a tight leash and in plain sight.  If he doesn’t you’ll spend the next four years plotting his political demise. Congratulations, you’re the Secretary of State!  It is now your job to agree with everything the president says.  Smile.  Go to lots of meetings.  Never dis the boss.  Suck it up loser.

I keep Hillary under control...with the power of my focused smug ray.

Suppose you’re so polarizing and hated in certain parts of redneck flyover country that people reach for pitchforks and torches at the mention of your name.

We're going to telegraph our representative. President Hoover has just gone too far with the balderdashery and it's affecting morale at the annual turnip festival.

Suppose you’re the president and you’ve got this albatross around your neck just as citizens go to the polls to give your party a historical “shellacking”.

Momma said there would be days lke this.

What would you do with a liability like that at such a crucial time?  I suppose a tinfoil hat theorist might suggest the president look a the globe and pick the farthest point on planet earth from anywhere newsworthy at all.  And so it came to be that Hillary spent election day in Tonga.

When a person is placed in exile, frustration can affect their moods. In certain extreme situations steam actually vents from the afflicted person's ears.

Now for the funny part.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton yesterday congratulated the island kingdom of Tonga on 40 years of independence. The only problem is that Tonga never really lost its independence.

I’m sure Hillary would have known better if she’d been paying attention.  Although I’m not a fan of Hillary I’ll admit she’s usually highly professional.  I wonder what was distracting her from her important mission to Tonga on November, 11th?

Note: The volcano really was in Tonga…actually near it…the link says (and I’m not making this up) ‘No Living Thing Left’ as Tonga Volcano Erupts. Sadly it didn’t coincide with Hillary’s arrival for a more perfect punchline.

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