Shafted Undone!

Unless you live under a rock in a monastery in Calcutta you know that the 33 trapped Chilean Miners (which I’ve mentioned before) are now safe.  Good job everyone!

I’m shocked and delighted.  It’s heartening that such a great opportunity to screw up has passed without mishap.  As far as I can tell everybody has acted with class and responsibility.  A tip of the hat to Chilean miners!

Since I live in America I can only comment through the filter of American recent history.  Thus I’d like to point out a few special lights of nobility which we Americans should emulate.

  1. Nobody blamed George Bush.
  2. Nobody blamed global warming.
  3. The Chilean government didn’t (as far as I know) shit all over everyone in an effort to look “in control”.  For example, assistance was offered and assistance was accepted.  Consider the counterpoint of the EPA stopping European skimmers lest they clean the water above BP’s oil spill without massaging the-EPA’s…um…ego.
  4. The Chilean miners, who were in a living hell, did not descend into a Lord Of The Flies free for all.  I can’t claim without reservations that I could spend 69 days in the dark with a bunch of smelly miners without becoming unhinged.  Their example has been excellent.
  5. Families of the miners didn’t get on TV all weepy eyed to bitch about safety regulations and demand money.
  6. Families of the miners didn’t line up lawyers and demand money.
  7. The Chilean government didn’t throw gobs of money at anyone in sight like the American government does whenever there’s an emergency (human caused or otherwise).
  8. Everyone appeared to keep heart and stay focused.  Superb!

It’s boring to simply say “man that was a great performance” but that’s all I can say.  Chile and the miners have done well.  I hope they keep up the good work as they face the next ordeal.  Book deals and Oprah spots will arrive en masse.  Despite the good fortune (or at least money) that this might bring it’s not without risks of it’s own.

Stay cool gentlemen.  The world needs more class acts like you!

I hereby remove them from my list of “The Shafted” and put this entry in “The Unstoppable”.

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