Word For The Day: Awareness

One of my favorite coffee shops is hosting an art show.  They do this regularly and usually I like it.  Anything that pretties up the walls is a good thing.

However this particular show apparently has a “purpose”.  I know this because it’s plastered all over the write-ups next to every piece of work and all over the works themselves.  It’s nearly as subtle as a mallet to the head.  The “purpose” is to “raise awareness” that “domestic violence is wrong”.

I’m pretty sure most folks capable of getting to the coffee shop without adult supervision know the score.  If you don’t know that domestic violence is wrong then what are you doing walking around zombie-like amid regular human beings?  Furthermore we have a whole cadre of people who will help you out with the concept.  We call them police.  You see it’s not only wrong but it’s a crime.

So, if anyone more evolved than the blue green algae on a wet rock knows that it’s “wrong” and also “a crime”, who is left on earth that is “unaware”?  Why is this cretin in my coffee shop? Also is there some law against art which is simply uplifting or beautiful?  Is it not art unless it annoys?

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