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The Damned Mosque: Part III

[Editor’s note: I wrote this article just before September 11th and promptly went off line (on a mission so super secret that I can’t even tell to my dog where I went).  It’ll automatically post (unless I screwed up the … Continue reading

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Nine Years Later; Why We’re Still Here

Nine years ago nineteen evil murders killed three thousand innocent Americans on our home soil.  On the anniversary of that event, politicians and talking heads will orate and make “profound” statements.  None of them will be relevant.  All of us … Continue reading

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Journalists And The Math That Scares Them

I was in a full fledged personal media blackout over Labor Day.  I highly recommend living under a rock (figuratively).  It’s so much better for the soul! Tragically no man can hide for long and I heard vague rumblings that … Continue reading

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Baseball is Federal

Let me get this straight; Roger Clemens has to defend himself against criminal charges from his testimony before Congress? Congress should not be involved in baseball.  They supposedly have day jobs. Does this mean that Congressional testimony which turns out … Continue reading

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This summer I was appalled when grandstanding Congressional fucknuts put Toyota through the wringer. I’ve had my reservations all along. A couple of yoyos get weird in Toyotas and suddenly they’re deathtraps with evil throttle control sensors out to thin … Continue reading

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It’s Only Money

So you should go here and buy the bumper sticker of wisdom and put it on some loser’s Prius. This little bumper sticker here; is now available for sale. (Source: Captain Capitalism) No, I don’t get squat from Captain Capitalism … Continue reading

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Occam’s Razor Versus Somali Pirates

Occam’s Razor is the principle that among competing theories the simplest one is the most likely.  It’s not rocket science.  For example, when one of my chickens goes missing I could theorize that an uprising of Bolivian peach farmers absconded … Continue reading

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