I Kicked Bill Gates Off The Property!

Screen shot of typical Windows Computer

My new laptop, hereafter referred to as the “bug out difference engine”, is now running Ubuntu.  My computer is just so damned much better that words can’t describe it.

I still have dual boot and Win7 but I can’t see many reasons to use it.  Maybe if my computing experience under Linux is too good and I need to retain some nihilism?  As far as I can tell the purpose of Windows is to continually upgrade and bloat itself until the computer crawls and the hard drive is choked with crap.

I’d looked for a laptop shipped with Linux but couldn’t find one locally.  So I bought one with Win7 and planned on just tolerating it’s inferior OS.  The laptop ran pretty quickly the day I bought it but within a few weeks the damned thing was incrementally but noticeably slower.  Since the hardware on my nice new laptop is fine I assume Windows was slowly ossifying.  Plus it never stopped trying to sell me shit.  (Putting advertisements on something I purchased with my cash is greasier than weasel shit.)  Yep, cramming Windows bloatware on spiffy new toys is like nailing a pair of dead bloated Yak testicles to the monitor.

Exactly.  Like.  Yak.  Testicles.

Microsoft products come from a variety of suppliers.

Oh yeah, and I can also boot to Puppy Linux from Thumbdrive…which actually runs pretty well and is faster than all get out.  Not too bad for such a tiny OS.

Microsoft belongs on the scrapheap of monstrous failed bureaucracies like the former Standard Oil monopoly and the USSR.

A. Curmudgeon.

P.S.  Being hopelessly out of touch with modern life I had no idea how to install Ubuntu.  (Geeks out there can stop laughing now!)  I found a 5 minute video which explained the entire process so well that a Curmudgeon could follow it.  It helps that the video was made  by a charming young woman who was mighty nice on the eyes and apparently has her own blog which is presumably vastly more popular than my Curmudgeonly outpost.  I encourage everyone to click either the video or the blog because without it I’d be wandering around the desert looking for a DOS floppy.  Also if you’re a man and watch the video (which is safe for work) without immediately installing Ubuntu on something…you’re gay.  God bless the internet.

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2 Responses to I Kicked Bill Gates Off The Property!

  1. Doctor Mingo says:

    Now I know why Nixie Pixel has more hits than you (much prettier than you).

  2. Sxooter says:

    Thanks man, I wasted a whole day reading her site. She’s cute. And she seems to actually have a brain, a fatal combination.

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