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This Is A good Idea…I Wonder How They’ll Screw It Up.

Lets get something straight, I’m an Adaptive Curmudgeon.  Unlike generic Curmudgeons I don’t sit around pining for the “good old days”.  When something new is truly better; I’ll buy it.  In their times I liked Kodachrome, Black and White TV, … Continue reading

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Freedom Attacks!

There is no deep moral lesson in today’s article but every word is true. I’ve written before that our flock of chickens spend their days “free ranging” on the back lawn but are locked in the barn at night.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Light Posting Because I Was In Mortal Peril

You might have noticed I haven’t posted much recently.  (OK fine; so you didn’t miss me at all and I’m only flattering myself.)  The light posting was because I just spent several days in the wilderness.  (I needed a vacation … Continue reading

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This Kid Rocks!

Too often I despair that we’re some of the last few sentient creatures in a culture gone to seed.  (Yes…I’m both arrogant and depressed.  What can I say, every time I start pondering the sanctity of man I go to … Continue reading

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I was sitting at the dinner table when a doe with two fawns stepped gingerly through the backyard.  “Awww cute.” She was heading along the edge of the lawn toward a little mowed strip that passes between some small patches … Continue reading

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I Kicked Bill Gates Off The Property!

My new laptop, hereafter referred to as the “bug out difference engine”, is now running Ubuntu.  My computer is just so damned much better that words can’t describe it. I still have dual boot and Win7 but I can’t see … Continue reading

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Word For The Day: Sampled

As a hunter I’m interested in certain deer infecting maladies.  Notably things that’ll transfer from said deer to me and melt my brain.  Prions carrying BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) and other “Mad Cow” related terrors are examples of things I’d … Continue reading

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