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Depreciation Curmudgeon Style!

[PHOTO DELETED] The tractor you see there, operated by the most handsome and intelligent male model I could find, is an Allis Chalmers C. It was (probably) made around 1941 and listed for about $1,200. (Source.) I picked it up … Continue reading

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Game Theory

Suppose you’ve got a teenager who isn’t afraid of work. (A miracle!) He’s making a few bucks mowing lawns. He started doing that years ago when he mowed the neighbor’s lawn at age twelve. You’re lucky to have such good … Continue reading

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Dependency And The Leather Clad Cure To It

New Orleans is built partially below sea level. Occasionally Mother Nature takes a swipe at the Gulf Coast and on August 29th 2005 she landed a solid punch. New Orleans got hammered by hurricane Katrina. Bummer! When the sea kicks … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Road

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Airlines; Business model of indignity and revulsion.

If I had any readers they might have noticed my postings are sparse. That’s because I’m in the clutches of that great Kafkaesque clusterfuck called air travel. Nothing can save me. A vengeful impotent rage developed when I couldn’t get … Continue reading

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iPod and the Curmudgeon II

In theory I have nothing wrong with Huey Lewis and the News. Like, light beer and rice cakes; he served a purpose despite being light and unfulfilling. I’ll even admit that in younger and more naïve days I once actually … Continue reading

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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Obamacare

There are two schools of thought regarding the Health Care “Reform” shenanigans our congressmen churned out last Christmas eve. (Note: The last time the Senate held a roll call on Christmas Eve was 1895. Draw your own conclusions from that … Continue reading

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iPod and the Curmudgeon

Like many homeowners, I was shocked when ninjas slipped into my house by cover of darkness and deposited an iPod in my kid’s room. I don’t like Apple products so ninjas are the only possible explanation. My wife, who is … Continue reading

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