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Eggs And Factories

A half million eggs have been recalled because of salmonella and everyone is atwitter about it. Before I launch into a dismissive ramble I’ll acknowledge that salmonella is bad shit. Someone close to me got it once and it was … Continue reading

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Ground Zero Mosque Part Deux

Six days ago I posted what turned out to be a universally unpopular opinion.  It’s my own fault.  I foolishly broached the no-win situation surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque.  You can click here to read it again.  For those of … Continue reading

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Cat Mafia

We buy tons of chicken feed.  Mice steal feed.  I pay for feed.  I hate mice! Luckily mother nature invented the cat.  Aside from catching mice, cats are useless. Our cats, all three of them, are inept.  The mice are … Continue reading

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There Is Intelligence On The Internet

Not here of course. I’m referring to a blogger who produces actual insightful commentary. Once you’ve discovered I’m full of shit you’re encouraged to check out actual wit at Captain Capitalism. A word about how I found his blog. Several … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

A couple of hours ago I was mowing a brushy area near my lawn.  (Or rather trying to keep the encroaching wilderness from overrunning my backyard.)  This involved revving the shit out of my old tractor and dropping the clutch … Continue reading

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Deobfuscation: Ground Zero Mosque

When Orwell coined the term Newspeak the depressing bastard was really on to something. All my life people have said things when they mean the opposite and claimed to believe things which are clearly not true. Perhaps it came about … Continue reading

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Parts of modern life are like prison; especially offices. Part of desk work is accepting that a portion of my life involves sitting in a small fabric covered box looking at a glowing screen. Some people reading this also work … Continue reading

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The Dirt Gnomes Visited!

Curmudgeon Compound is on a dirt road.  This is not by accident.  The dirt road dissuades yuppies, congressmen, evangelists, lawyers, bankers, and other assorted hoodlums from settling here.  I remember carefully explaining to our real estate agent that I wanted … Continue reading

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Double Dip Recession

Recently I’ve heard journalists and other disreputable fools refer to 2010 as an example of a “double dip recession”. This is spoken as if it were actually an intelligent statement. Of course “double dip recession” is verbiage borne of wishful … Continue reading

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Word For The Day: Re-Homed

Recently I was reading the newspaper.  (Making me one of the last six Americans left who reads print media.) Towards the back of the slim product (should I even call these limp pamphlets newspapers anymore?) was an article about the … Continue reading

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