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Dog Logic And Firewood Levers: Part III

I was cold, stuck in the snow, and on a fools errand. I was in a Jack London story. You know what ties together all those guys who died in Jack London’s books? None were holding a long handled round pointed shovel. Losers! Continue reading

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Phenology Update: Spring 2012

If somebody sinks a truck and I don’t know about it…is it still spring? Continue reading

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Paging Al Gore…

Yesterday it happened.  I knew it was coming.  That didn’t make it any easier. Bitter cold wind suddenly flared up; flattening everything that could bend and bending a few things that couldn’t flatten.  The temperature dropped 40 degrees and the … Continue reading

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Living A Horror Movie Scene

You can count on horror movies to follow the established pattern.  The most clichéd is the “gotchya scene”.  After a tremendous CGI enhanced fight the good guy seemingly has defeated a bad guy/werewolf/vampire/alien/politician.  Half the cast is dead, broken glass … Continue reading

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