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Morning Schedule

Get up & start the coffee. While coffee is brewing, go to the barn and turn the chickens loose. Notice a skunk nosing around the woodshed. Shoot the bastard. Pour coffee. Go to work.

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Tractor Yoga

It’s time to practice homesteading Yoga. Step one is to start your tractor. Continue reading

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Chicken Deicing Strategies

Here’s a useful homesteading hint; once a galvanized waterer freezes you’ll tear your spine out trying to bust it open it to chip away the ice and add more water. I have nicknamed galvanized waterers “the spittoons of Satan” and am forwarding my chiropractic bills to the chickens. Continue reading

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Tree Talk

“I am man.” I addressed the tree. “I have an oversized turbo charged simian brain. It has one purpose…to dominate everything. I’m on the top of the food chain because I damn well belong there. I have a powersaw. I have opposable thumbs. My species invented beer, nuclear weapons, and ice hockey. We cannot be defeated. I’m going to find your weakness, I’m going to exploit it, and I’m going to win!” Continue reading

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Fauna Cluelessness

Curmudgeon Compound has an impressive TV antenna which came with the place.  I never hooked it up because fuck television! I’m lazy. The past few mornings a woodpecker has been earnestly hammering away at the tall metal support pole.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Critter Cohabitation: Part II

The invader was doomed. It had assaulted the homeland (er… home barn) and was therefore sentenced to death. I’m merciless about that. Rats and raccoons should know better. They’re smart and should know that looking for free food will get you into trouble with me. (I’m looking at you OWS!) Continue reading

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Two Rules Of Critter Cohabitation: Part I

Recently a critter and I tangled. It caused me to reflect on my “two rules of critter cohabitation”…
…Ten words. I’m a simple man. Failure to heed them is punishable by shotgun. I don’t do warning shots. Continue reading

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Springtime Miracle

When you tinker with homesteading you soon realize that mother nature is a steamroller and you are a worm on the road of life. That’s not to say that mother nature hates you; only that there is no definition of “no mercy” quite like the elements. Continue reading

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Livin’ The Dream

Homesteading is a mysteriously complex activity; beset with obscure and improbably strange challenges.  There comes a time when your hands are half frozen and you’ve used your last match and you think to yourself that any activity involving a propane … Continue reading

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Curmudgeonly Cooking: Bread V: Flour

Flour is the victim of historic oddities which have made something simple into something complex. I blame the whole thing on Wonder Bread and early 20th century urbanisation. (I told you it was boring!) Continue reading

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