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Liquid Nails

I’m in the middle of a construction project and I’ve got construction adhesive on everything within a ten foot radius. Plus, of course, several boxes of Torx screws scattered about (to be found later by tires). It occurs to me … Continue reading

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A Happy Ending To A Favorite Comic

Failure to Fire has ridden off into the sunset. I’m gonna’ miss it. I respect that that the author deliberately wrapped it up and said “adiós” on the way out. Well done sir.

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Random Homesteading News

Posting will be light for a few days. Winter will arrive soon. If you’re in the north, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re in the south, sip a Mint Julep on the porch and pity my suffering foolish … Continue reading

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Wood Stove Efficiency Win

Last year my wood stove started acting hinky. Because I’m a blogger and not bound by logic (unless I wish to be) I blamed it on Carter and the EPA. I whined about the complexity of my stove: “Modern wood … Continue reading

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I Want To Speak German

Hat tip to Never Yet Melted.

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In Case You Were Wondering

…it is incredibly easy to make a total mess out of your driveway with a tractor mounted front end loader. I was doing other things (TM) when I noticed a mud puddle that was just asking for a beatdown. As … Continue reading

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Unorganized Hancock

I’ve been tuning in every so often to Sippican Cottage for a dose of home schooled excellence. (And a much needed reprieve from bad music!) Every time I see a new Unorganized Hancock video it makes my day. I encourage … Continue reading

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