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Ammo Review: Part 1

Q: Can improve your life, outlook, and spiritual well being? A: Hell yeah! … “How can I get something for nothing?” Great thinkers from Aristotle through the guy down at the feed store have pondered this same question. Some … Continue reading

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Ammo For Sale

Whoa, did that get your attention? Instead of writing about my $25 air gun and the $0.02 pellets I’ve been slinging at an old pizza box I should write the ammo story I promised to write. Here goes: Last year … Continue reading

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The Quest For Air Superiority

I grok guns. Primer, powder, BANG, venison on a plate. It all makes sense. However I just bought a cheap old air rifle (’cause “cheap” is a siren song). I don’t know squat about air rifles. Also, and this is … Continue reading

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Happy Ammo

Recently (following the 2008 rise of a person who’s name must not be spoken aloud lest one be branded a racist tea bagging jackoff)… the price and availability of ammo (and guns) went ape. I blissfully ignored the whole thing. … Continue reading

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Recreational Logging

I recently hosed my computer. (Thanks to all for the advice and commentary. I’ll go into detail at some other time. Unless I don’t.) At the moment my online presence is maintained using impulse power and semaphore. I’m OK with … Continue reading

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Economics Works!

A few days ago I ranted about economics, and in particular .22 ammo. “I know .22 ammo is in short supply. I know this because it’s not on the shelves. America is currently a place where tofu is plentiful and … Continue reading

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Man (Machine?) Down!

I have done something very stupid and royally hosed my computer. Without going into details I believe the technical term for what has happened is “some dickhead who can’t manage to keep a tractor running got under the (software) hood … Continue reading

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