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Random Homesteading News

Posting will be light for a few days. Winter will arrive soon. If you’re in the north, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re in the south, sip a Mint Julep on the porch and pity my suffering foolish … Continue reading

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Wood Stove Efficiency Win

Last year my wood stove started acting hinky. Because I’m a blogger and not bound by logic (unless I wish to be) I blamed it on Carter and the EPA. I whined about the complexity of my stove: “Modern wood … Continue reading

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I Want To Speak German

Hat tip to Never Yet Melted.

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In Case You Were Wondering

…it is incredibly easy to make a total mess out of your driveway with a tractor mounted front end loader. I was doing other things (TM) when I noticed a mud puddle that was just asking for a beatdown. As … Continue reading

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Unorganized Hancock

I’ve been tuning in every so often to Sippican Cottage for a dose of home schooled excellence. (And a much needed reprieve from bad music!) Every time I see a new Unorganized Hancock video it makes my day. I encourage … Continue reading

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Bacon Update: Part 3: The Barter Economy

I resolved that my pig(s), when sold for food, would be marketed entirely without drama. I would assign a value that was inclusive of butchering and processing, I would deliver (so nobody needs to deal with Bill), and I’d sell … Continue reading

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Bacon Update: Part 2: Scoring Bacon From A Pusher

I assume some of my readership is urban, or at least not quite as hopelessly redneck as me. Therefore I’ll explain something about the relationship between farms and buying food. This is a Curmudgeonly Gem of Insight so you might … Continue reading

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